What kind of stories will I discover?

Good question. That's why we tell you a few:


Who is strong? You can read the card.

An old bear pit... You can hardly imagine it, but many Maastricht residents have been entertained by the bears Jo, Sjakkie and Jor here at the weekend with a picnic basket. Now the cage is here in honor of the bears. In the cage lies a girl with a giraffe. The nice thing is that her dress is designed every year by a student from the Maastricht art academy. If you look next to the cage, you will see a kind of iron plate with a chair on it. One of you can sit on this while the other pushes. At that moment you see that the girl's hand moves and strokes the giraffe. Hence the name 'Semi-automatic comfort machine'.

Where do you get the most energy from?

2. Utrecht

Who has had the longest school career? You can read the card.

This artwork was made by the artist collective 'De Strakke Hand'. It is part of their 'Wall formulas' project, in which they show Utrecht physicists and chemists with their groundbreaking discoveries. Here you see Caroline Bleeker who obtained her doctorate cum laude at Utrecht University. She developed scientific instruments of the highest quality with her company NEDOPTIFA. You can see her career reflected in the artwork.

Caroline Utrecht


Who is the biggest cold color? You can read the card.

A real hidden gem! What did you do in 1930 to find out whether you could go outside with or without an umbrella? Have a look at the art deco building on the other side of the road! Here you see two weather girls: one with a dress on a bicycle and the other with an umbrella and a dog. The ladies alternated based on the weather. Knowing Denmark's climate, the girl with the umbrella got more showtime.

What climate would you like to live in?


We could go on and on, but it is better to order a tour and experience it for yourself.