Street art in Cape Town

Street art in Kaapstad

Cape Town's street art is a surprising aspect of the city. You might not expect it, but both the inner city and the suburbs are full of them. The artworks not only reflect Cape Town's diverse culture and history, but also provide an insight into the artists' thoughts and emotions.

Let's start in Woodstock, a neighborhood known for its
artist community and the number of street art murals. Much of the artwork in Woodstock was created with the permission of the buildings owners and is therefore legal, unlike graffiti which is often considered vandalism. You can literally discover a new work of art on every corner here. The subjects of the artworks are often social justice, cultural diversity and sustainability.

Next, we will head to the Bo-Kaap district, also known as the Cape Malay district. This district is a historically important neighborhood for the Cape Malay community and is the most colorful and vibrant part of the city. The street art in the Bo-Kaap is often inspired by the cultural background of the neighborhood and is an important part of the local identity. Here you can really immerse yourself in the culture and surround yourself with beautiful works of art.