The free art that Antwerp has to offer

De gratis kunst die Antwerpen rijk is

You only have to get yourself across the border of the Netherlands and you are already in one of the most beautiful cities in Europe: Antwerp. This port city on the Scheldt has a wealth of historical stories, street art and hidden gems. And all this within walking distance.

We will tell you the coolest street art here, because 't Stad is bursting with huge murals. So forget those historic buildings and museums and just go for a walk with your tassie, because Antwerp has really brought up quite a few street art artists over the years.

1. Baroque meets Street art

Street art can be pure baroque and artist Rise One proves this with his monumental ode to the city. A fine example of calligraphy that refers to Antwerp as the baroque city. You can find this work at the Eiermarkt number 7!

2. The bicycle bridge of Berchem station

The large structure under the Berchem-Station bicycle bridge is based on Park Brialmont. There are 5 animal species near the city that you would not expect. Bart Boudewijn, also known as SMOK, made a design with the 5 most important animals; the fox, the newts, the cormorant, a kingfisher and a bat. Since the client wanted a lot of color, he divided the background into dynamic areas and filled it in as a rainbow. SMOK has also painted a graphic representation of the park.

3. Humain by Matthias Schoenaerts AKA Zenith

In the middle of the center is a 50 meter high mural by actor and artist Mathias Schoenaerts. "I chose a hand because it stands first for connection. We extend our hands to each other. Although we are not allowed to do that now," he continues. "Secondly, it is a reference to the Antwerp myth of Brabo who of Antigoon. Antigoon oppressed Antwerp. Third, it refers to our colonial past. Belgians have cut off the hands of oppressed in our colonial past." It's definitely worth a stop and it's also located in 't Zuid, Antwerp's hippest area, so you'll probably stop by anyway.

4. We all live with HIV

Antwerp has a double HIV wall. On the corner of the Oude Beurs-Lange Doornikstraat, the Antwerp street artist Larsen Bervoets painted a mural over two facades. HIV is still a taboo. At the same time, people are once again becoming more careless about HIV prevention. By bringing the theme into the streetscape in this way, passers-by are encouraged to reflect on it.

All these works cannot be found in our tassie tour, because you already know them! Are you planning to spend a weekend in Antwerp? Then throw our tassie over your shoulder to discover the city as it really is. Full of great stories about history, art and culture.